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10/17 - launch of the parent cafe

11/26 - thanksgiving

12/25 - christmas

  code of conduct

The Administrators of the Parenting Cafe want to make your stay here as enjoyable as they possibly can. That is why we have chosen to include Codes of Conduct. The Administrators have the right to delete any posts that are in violation of our Codes of Conduct, and can terminate your membership if you choose not to follow them. Due to the maturity of some of the topics covered on our message board we choose to restrict membership to only those members who are 18 years or older.

Codes of Conduct-

1. Be Respectful- While we understand that we can agree to disagree you should not post any material that can be offensive, harrassing, hateful, or unlawful. Do not criticize or harass other members. While we can each have our own opinions there is always a tactful way to say what you want without being disrespectful or unnecessarily attacking another member. Don't say anything to someone that you wouldn't want anyone else to say to you. Messages that are blank or do not contain meaningful content will be deleted.

2. Use appropriate language- Do not use unnecessarily profane, racist, hateful or disrespectful language. While we all need to vent our feelings at one time or another, there is always a more tactful way to say things.

3. Post only appropriate material- Remember this is a parenting message board. Do not use this board to post commercial advertisments, receive free advertising or to link to or post offensive material.

4. Originality- Make sure what you post is your own original content. It is your responsibilty to make sure your posts do not violate copyrights, plagarism, or trademark rights. That should include all text and graphics that you post.

To report abusive posters please contact an administrator by sending a private message.

We reserve the right to delete any messages that violate the codes of conduct without contacting the original poster and can terminate membership without warning if you chose not to abide by these rules.

Thank you,
The Parent Cafe Staff

Happy Halloween