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10/17 - launch of the parent cafe

11/26 - thanksgiving

12/25 - christmas

  October's Baby of the Month

Name:  Angelia Rose
Birthday:  November 12, 2003
Nicknames: Little Pookie, Wittle Princess
Mommy and Daddy: Misty and Joseph


Snack: Graham Crackers, Wagon Wheels, and bread
Book:  Guess How Much I Love You and her Elmo book
Toy: She loves her activity walker
Game: Peek-a-boo!

Recent Milestones: Just this week, she has decided to walk by herself without any help and just this month, she has learned how to hold her own bottle. We are still trying to master the sippy cup!

Comments about your baby: I could never love a person more than I love Angelia! (until baby number two comes along, that is. haha). She brings me joy each and every day and she is my reason for waking up. I prayed to God I would get pregnant and I did one year later. He answered my prayer and gave me a little angel from above. She's my world, my heart, my everything.

Any other information you might like to add:  Thank you for all of you who voted for Angelia. All the babies here at TPC deserve to be BABY of the MONTH at least once! They're all so cute and sweet! Thanks again!

  September's Babies of the Month

Happy Halloween