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10/17 - launch of the parent cafe

11/26 - thanksgiving

12/25 - christmas

Welcome to The Parent Cafe! We have a great bunch of Mom's who love to chat about their children, vent about life's frustrations, and get new recipes to try out in the kitchen. We have many differing opinions and ideas which allows us to be a very diverse and unique group. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and join in the conversations. We are glad that you found us!

JODIE featured member for october

ANGELIA baby of the month for october
Angelia's mommy is Misty and Joseph is her daddy. Angelia is easily the light of their lives. She has been a blessing in so many ways and adds so much to their family. Angelia has recently taking a big leap and is learning how to walk! Congratulations on being Baby of the Month!